Medical and Scientific-Industrial Automation

Automation Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Discover a new level of efficiency and control with Omni-Manta

Mobile Applications

Harness the power of Omni-Manta's iOS and Android applications, featuring QR code resource scanning, real-time facility tracking, tailored to your organization's needs.

Tailored Solutions

Engineer the perfect fit for your organization with our customizable software and dedicated Omnigence Engineering Services, ready to address your unique needs.

Comprehensive Modules

Streamline your operations with Omni-Manta's extensive suite of modules designed to optimize scheduling, inventory, procurement, augmented reality education, and more.

Compliance Simplified

Our advanced automation solutions help you navigate complex regulations such as FDA, GMP, and ISO, ensuring your organization stays compliant and audit-ready.


Find Out More about Omni-Manta

Omnigence Corporation's revolutionary intelligence platform seamlessly integrates into medical and scientific-industrial manufacturing workflows, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Revolutionizing High-Compliance Industries

Discover the transformative potential of Omni-Manta's AI-driven automation platform across various high-compliance industries. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with production processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure adherence to FDA, GMP, and ISO standards. Whether in medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or other regulated sectors, learn how our tailored technology can drive innovation, maintain compliance, and foster growth in your dynamic industry.

  • Real-Time Asset Monitoring

    Enhance your manufacturing operations with Omni-Manta's intelligent asset tracking, delivering real-time data for informed decision-making and proactive maintenance.

  • Customizable Manufacturing Solutions

    Tailor your manufacturing processes with Omni-Manta's versatile platform, offering customizable modules and dedicated Engineering Services for your unique challenges.

Transforming Healthcare with AI-Driven Automation

Explore the benefits of Omni-Manta's intelligent automation platform in enhancing patient care, streamlining hospital and clinic workflows, and optimizing resource management. Omnigence's automation platform and dedicated Engineering Services can address the unique needs of medical facilities.

  • Remote Monitoring Made Easy

    Empower healthcare through Omni-Manta's advanced remote monitoring capabilities, delivering real-time data to healthcare administrators for informed decision-making.

  • Effortless Integration with Leading Systems

    Harness the power of Omni-Manta's AI-driven platform, expertly designed to seamlessly integrate with major EHR systems, unlocking your organization's full potential through enhanced interoperability.